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Icon Help

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And before we even welcome you, listen up:

(banner provided by melody_chan <3)

Get it? Got it? Good.



Hola, bonjour, and other such useless frivolities. Welcome to Icon Help!

Icon_Help's main purpose is to help you, the artistically challenged/computer illiterate user, find your niche in the icon world and not completely suck at it. I_H was created because officialbizness loves you, though she's horrible at showing it.



1. NO REQUESTING ICONS/IMAGES/FRIENDS BANNERS/LAYOUTS. I SHALL HUNT YOU DOWN AND DROP A CACTUS ON YOUR HEAD IF YOU DO SO. Asking for help on how to change or modify a picture to make an icon is perfectly fine, but if I see one "LoLz!!!1 hey cna u mkae a icno 4 me yah OK THANKX!!!!!1", that person will be banned, immediately.

2. I'm sure your friends page has enough drama already. No need to put some of it here. Please, just be polite, and if someone immaturely insults you don't even pay the respect of replying. And while we're on the topic of being polite, no excessive swearing either. I'm not trying to censor what you say, but some people don't appreciate seeing "MY ICON F*CKING ROCKS ALL AMOUNTS OF A**! WOO!" on their friends page.

3. Linking icon communities is accepted and even encouraged. Spread the love of icons (but please don't make a nuisance of yourself doing it).

4. Are you going to be asking about which font is which in what icon? Not the community for you, then. Check out fontaddicts instead, please, in order to cut down on the amount of font spam IH recieves.

5. Asking for help with brushes is now NOT allowed. You need help finding them? Try 100x100_brushes. You need help downloading them? Try Google searching for a tutorial.

6. You can no longer share icons/graphics/whatevAH that you have made.


Helpful Posts:

- Brief tour around a paint program. (Adobe)
- Brief tour around a paint program. (PSP)
- Animation explained. (PSP)
- Updated FAQ by merky.
- Tutorial on templates by merky.


Important People:

- officialbizness is the creator of this community and a very crappy mod. Mostly she depends on...
- fede to take control of a situation. Jess is your official all powerful and ebil mod. You will fear her accordingly.
- quackkwak created this fabulous layout for us out of the goodness of her heart. Love her to pieces, kplzthnx.
- merky is just so damn helpful. <3


Link Out:

Want to be added? Don't hesitate to ask!

PSP Help:

- psp7_beginners

Icon Communities:

- i_contest
- indigo_icons
- iconaddicts
- the_icon_ritz

Icon Makers:

- 100x100biz - officialbizness
- deconstructor - merky
- finger_paint - sporkmistress
- mlekia - lor22ms
- melodicons - melody_chan
- quacks_icons - quackkwak

Icon Sites:

- Naive Michiru's Livejournal Icons
- sweetshadows's icons (to be completed)


- iconspection - quackkwak/sporkmistress. An icon reviews community.

Instant message the botAdd ic0nbot to your buddy listLink ic0nbot in your icon journal, userinfo, etc.


Link In:

... against all odds, you want to link to us? Be our guest. <3

<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=icon_help&mode=full"><img src="http://onlinerock.com/fans/100x100biz//icons/linklogo.gif"></a>


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